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Phone Mount For Cars


Traditional car phone mounts can often be large, cumbersome and in some cases ineffective.

Sticko offers a cost effective & excellent alternative to the standard car phone mount.

Sticko is a Universal Smartphone Mount so is suitable for mounting any phone. This makes it much
more versatile than other types of mount.

Each Sticko comes with 2 clear stickers so if the back of your phone or phone case is not smooth,
you can turn it into a smooth, glossy surface to ensure your phone stays put.

Sticko Stickers

Because Sticko is flexible, you can mount your phone on your dashboard or rear view mirror.
Additionally you can also use it to use your phone as a hands free by fixing it to your car window
or other surface.

This gives you the option to position & angle it wherever you like. Each one can hold up to 2kg so
your phone should remain in place even on rugged terrain.

Sticko is great because it is tiny & flexible and also attaches to the earphone jack of your phone
or your keys.

Sticko Connects To Phone Earphone Jack

It's also small enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag. So you need never need be
without your phone, on any car journey.

Sticko Fits In Pockets

Not only is Sticko the perfect car phone mount solution, it is also a great fashion accessory and
comes in a range of colours so you can define your own style.

Sticko Comes In A Range Of Cool Colours

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