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Phone Mount For Bikes


Cycling has experienced something of a resurgence in recent years.

Whether it's cycling to work, riding for fitness, or just for weekend enjoyment, riding bikes has
become increasingly popular and Sticko is the no.1 solution to attach your phone to your bike.

We have got used to carrying our phones around with us everywhere we go. Even when cycling, you
never know when you might get an important call or text.

Even more useful is being able to use your phone as a Sat Nav. It's perfect for long bike rides in
unknown locations.

Sticko is great because it is tiny & flexible and also attaches to the earphone jack of your phone
or your keys.

Sticko connects to the your phone earphone jack

It's also small enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag. So you never need be
without your phone, even on long bike rides.

Sticko easily slips into your pocket

Each Sticko comes with 2 clear stickers so if the back of your phone or phone case is not smooth,
you can turn it into a smooth, glossy surface to ensure your phone stays put.

Each Sticko comes with 2 x clear stickers

Because Sticko is flexible, you can mount your phone on your bicycle by attaching it to the brake
wires. This gives you the option to position & angle it wherever you like.

Mount your phone on your bicycle

Each one can hold up to 2kg so your phone should remain in place even on rugged terrain.

Sticko is a Universal Smartphone Mount so is suitable for mounting any phone.

A range of cool, funky colours are available - get yours today!

Sticko comes in a range of cool colours

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