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How To Keep Suction Cups Sticky

Sticko is the culmination of many months of hard work and development.
Numerous different designs and prototypes were tested in order to create a product that was cool, durable & strong.

In tests, a single Sticko can hold up to 2kg in weight when connected to smooth, glossy surfaces.
The clear vinyl stickers that come with each Sticko help provide good adhesion to non-smooth surfaces.

To complement this, it may occasionally be necessary to optimise the suction strength and this can be done in a number of ways.

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Wet the suction cups with a little spittle or water

  2. Put some lip salve (Chapstick or similar) around the edge of the cups to make a good seal

  3. Use spectacle or monitor cleaning wipes periodically on both the suction cups and the surface you wish to use. Some users say that it sticks so well it is difficult to get off when trying to remove it!

  4. Glass cleaner and glass wipes will also work well and make Sticko adhere strongly to suitable surfaces. For the best adhesion, spray the suction cups and leave for a couple of minutes. Finally wipe clean with a dry cloth

  5. This one is obvious, but make sure the surface you want Sticko to adhere to is clean. Use cleaner if necessary

  6. Use a little cooking oil on the suction cups

  7. Baby oil will also work well!

  8. Plain old vaseline will also help the suction cups to remain sticky

  9. Finally, make sure you press all the air out of the suction cups to ensure Sticko stays put

We hope these tips are helpful and we'd love to hear your own tips for keeping the suction cups sticky.
Please use Sticko sensibly. Make sure you don't compromise the safety of your devices.

If you have any questions or your own methods for keeping Sticko suction pads sticky, please contact us or use the comment form below.


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